Olive Green Personalised Leather iPad Case

This handmade, personalised, leather iPad case from Parkin & Lewis is a stylish and functional accessory for someone wanting to protect their device.

Lined with fabric, this case is soft on the inside to keep the iPad screen scratch-free. The exterior is a sturdy aniline burleigh leather of the highest quality, allowing you to slide the tablet in and out with ease. This handmade, hand-sewn leather case will gain personality and wear well over time. Perfect for keeping your precious iPad safe, this is a great gift for someone who uses their device on their commute. Simple and sophisticated, the beautiful leather can even be personalised to make it an extra special, thoughtful present for someone you know.

Choose from the following options for personalisation:
  • Choose a lining of either Royal Stewart (red), Dark Tartan, or Puppy Tooth
  • Add a name, or initials, or a short message across one or two lines (max 12 characters including spaces per line)
  • Choose the lettering to be in either gold, silver, or embossed (plain)
  • Choose to position the lettering in the centre or bottom right of the case
  • Choose to have the case hand-stitched or machine-stitched

Made from:
High quality British leather, leather thread, choice of fabrics.

Please note: The hand-stitched, hand-cut iPad cases are sewn with strong leather thread. They are a snug fit at first but will stretch over time. Speaking from experience - they actually feel/work better the more you use them.

Please note: Leather is a natural fabric and will vary on texture from skin to skin, this is not seen as a fault.

Case: 26.5cm x 21cm, inside stitching: 25.5cm (10") x 19.5cm (7.6")

This case will comfortably fit the following models:
Apple iPad Pro - 9.7" (1st Gen)
Apple iPad Pro - 10.5" (2nd Gen)
Apple iPad Pro - 11" (3rd Gen)
Apple iPad Pro - 11" (4th Gen)
Apple iPad (1st Gen)
Apple iPad 2 (2nd Gen)
Apple iPad (3rd Gen)
Apple iPad (4th Gen)
Apple iPad (5th Gen)
Apple iPad (6th Gen)
Apple iPad (7th Gen)
Apple iPad Air (1st Gen)
Apple iPad Air 2 (2nd Gen)
Apple iPad Air (3rd Gen)