Hug token card


When you can't see your loved ones, these Parkin & Lewis hug token cards are a cute way to send love from a distance.

Locked-down in quarantine because of a global pandemic? Got a friend or family member overseas? Maybe your best friend has moved far away? Send them a hug token on a card! Let them know that you're thinking of them and when you finally see each other again, you'll owe them a big fat hug! Bring a smile to their face with this thoughtful, simple expression of love and kindness. The token is made from leather and can be removed from the card as a keepsake (and redeemed at a later date!)

The token comes in a range of colours: lilac, copper, grey, mint. Or get in touch if you'd like something different.

You also have the option to send the card directly to the recipient with a hand-written message.

This is a great little gift that could work for all sorts of special occasions. Any time you are unable to share a moment with friends or family, send a hug. It could be for a birthday or an anniversary, to mark a specific day, even as an alternative to a traditional gift like an Easter egg or a Mother's Day (or Father's Day) card. There's never a bad time to send some love.

Made from:
Leather, leather dye, card

Token: 5cm diameter
Card: 6 x 6inches