Circle Personalised Symbol Hobby Coasters


These CIRCLE handmade, leather hobby coasters from Parkin & Lewis are the perfect little gift for people with a hobby, an interest, or a passion.

Perfect as a thoughtful present, specific to someone's interests. You could even buy a few so that everyone in your home has their own coaster that represents their hobby. You'd never forget who's drink is who's again! Maybe you've got a house full of hobbyists? Dad loves cycling, Mum's always gardening, one kid's a gamer, the other loves to read. We've got coasters for everyone!

We have symbols representing a wide range of hobbies/interests to choose from: Reading, Volleyball, Gaming, Photography, Painting, Social media (phone), Camping, Poker, Gardening, Cycling, Cocktails (martini), Ice cream, Baking, Beauty (mirror), TV & Film, Puzzles, Workaholics (laptop), Singing & Karaoke, Sewing, Hiking & Climbing (mountains).

Available in square or circle shape and a range of colours: navy, olive, burnt orange, mustard, burgundy, raspberry. You can also choose to add a gift box to make this gift even more special.

Made from:
High quality leather, leather paint.

Square: 8.5cm x 8.5cm
Circle: 10cm diameter