1st Birthday Card

This unique, personalised 1st Birthday card from Parkin & Lewis is a chic, memorable way to celebrate a little one's first year in style.

It's always hard to know what to get for someone else's baby. Especially when they're so young and haven't yet developed strong interests. Why not keep it simple? These 1st Birthday cards are minimal and elegant. The central number "1" is made from hand-dyed leather and can be personalised with the child's name. These cards are so effective and work beautifully when put in a frame as a keepsake or a lovely piece of wall art to decorate a nursery.

Choose from the following options for personalisation:

- Specify the child's name (up to 15 characters)
- Choose the leather colour: Pale Pink, Royal Blue, Mint, Lilac, Teal, Peach, Hot Pink
- Choose the font colour for the name lettering: Gold or Silver

Made from:
Leather + hammered card

6inches x 6inches