Favourite Drink Coaster


These handmade, leather, personalised symbol drinks coasters from Parkin & Lewis are the perfect little gift for people with a favourite tipple.

Make this a personalised present for someone by choosing a drink symbol that matches their preference. You could even buy a few so that everyone in your home has their own coaster - you'd never get your drinks mixed up again! Maybe Dad loves a Gin & Tonic, Mum's on the vino (again), the kids love a freshly made juice. We've got coasters for everyone's drinks taste. Maybe this will be the way to finally stop everyone putting their drinks down on that bespoke walnut veneered table top!

We have symbols representing a wide range of drinks to choose from: Wine, Beer, Cocktail, Tea, Coffee, Pina Colada, Juice, Mineral Water, Champagne, Mojito... and many more. Take a look at the symbol options in the image.

Available in square or circle shape and a range of colours: navy, mustard, raspberry, olive, burgundy, terracotta. You can also choose to add a gift box to make this gift even more special.

Made from:
Leather, leather paint.

Square: 8.5cm x 8.5cm
Circle: 10cm diameter